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There are many reasons why you would want to become a referee, whether you are reaching the end of your playing career or have never picked up a rugby ball.

Rugby is a hard but fair game and having a competent, properly trained referee makes an enormous difference to everyone's ability to participate and enjoy the game to its full potential. A rugby referee is always treated with respect and appreciation.

The beauty of rugby as a sport is that it is available to all players irrespective of shape, size, strength, speed, ballskills, etc. and this extends to refereeing the game as well.

The contribution you can make to the sport as a referee is huge and you will receive real fulfilment from your involvement as well as some very healthy exercise.

Rugby Verband Bayern is expanding all the time and this requires more referees. You will receive support and proper training no matter at what point you are starting.

So whether you have played the game for 20 years or never played at all please contact me and I will tell you all the other reasons why you want to be a rugby referee."



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